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Sunday School


Mission Statement: To teach practical application of the word of God and set forth narrative of things pertaining to the Gospel of truth by asking questions and correcting answers. To instruct the believer that he may know the certainty of those truths. To Encourage them to contend for "the faith", once delivered to the saint.

Ministerial Staff


Mission Statement: To be a good minister of Jesus Christ. To be in unity with the vision of our Pastor for the church. To be a good example in our community in speech, in love, in conduct, in spirit, in faith, and in purity. To be nourished in the word of God and to win souls for Christ.

Music Sacred Arts Ministries
Media/Sound Choir Youth Praise Team


Mission Statement: To spread the gospel of Jesus Christ holistically through technology, song, dance and the spoken word of God.  Also to reconcile man back to God our Creator.  II Corinthians 5:18 

Y.I.A.M. (Youth In Anointed Ministry)


Mission Statement: The Y.I.A.M.'s mission is to train God's youth to be disciples for Christ and to live Christian lives.  To help them build a stronger relationship with God that will lead them to their purpose in life.  To empower the youth with the Word to make an impact in the lives of those in the community that will assist them in living abundant and productive lives.  

Committee of Concerns


Mission Statement: To reach out with words of encouragement to those members of Logos Ministries that are absent for 2 or more Sundays.  We will build them up with God's word letting them know that we are concerned about their spiritual growth.    


Luke 6:31  And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise. 



Mission Statement: Every greeter of the Greeter Ministry will stand with status as we greet each member, friend, and guest with love, joy, peace, and patience as they enter the doors of Logos Christian Ministries. Greeters will encounter each individual, leaving them with a positive impact to set the tone as they enter the sanctuary. We will be a witness at all times in the church as well as the community. 



Door Keepers


Mission Statement: To be door keepers in the House of God. Psalm 84:10. To meet the needs of the pastor and to assist all ministries in the church by being diligent, faithful, and available. To always maintain order with the upmost respect, love, and to represent ourselves as God's public relations officers.

Event Coordinator


Mission Statement: The event coordinator ensures all programs at Logos Christian Ministries run efficiently and effectively.

Cleaning Ministry


Mission Statement: Our mission is to be servant minded by providing a clean building for our members and visitors to enjoy during their time as we fellowship together as children of God.  Also, keeping in mind what the Bible says in Ecclesiastes 9:10, “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.” As children of God, we count it a blessing to serve others by doing our part in keeping our church building clean and in order.

Intercessory Prayer


Mission Statement: To be an Intercessory Prayer Ministry that is birthed by the Holy Spirit. Our goal is to stand in the place of intercession, on behalf of our pastor, the congregation, families, our children, and the community of Marion, Ohio at large. To use the weapon of prayer against the enemy and any negative thing he would try to bring against the people.

Men's Ministry


Mission Statement: The Men's Talk Ministry will help men become whole men of God. The ministry will empower men to walk in their purpose within their families, community, and the Body of Christ.

Daughters of Life Ministry


Mission Statement: The Daughters of Life Ministry will enhance the lives of women, young ladies, and girls by activating the power of God in their lives through studying the word of God. Love, respect, and honor will be demonstrated to bring out the best in each woman.

Kitchen Ministry


Mission Statement: The Kitchen Ministry will assist the church by working with staff or event committees to provide refreshments or meals prepared and served with volunteers who are adequately trained in areas including safety and sanitation.

Card Ministry


Mission Statement: The Card Ministry's mission is to give encouragement by way of cards sent by mail to those members of Logos Ministries and those in the community that may be hospitalized or bereaving.

Van Ministry


Mission Statement: The Van Ministry's mission is to ensure transportation for those congregation members that may not have transportation to be able to attend those weekly services held at Logos Ministries

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